Thursday, January 06, 2011

With My Needle Challenge Day 6

Todays challenge is going to really live up to it's name. I wanted to stitch it on 40 count and LNS didn't have much to pick from. After I started stitching With My Needle by The Goode Huswife, it was so hard to see, I felt like tossing it. Then I said to myself, you have to use this, you can't afford not to. Once I got started with my ott light and magnifier I was on a roll.


natalyK said...

Bonnie, glad you stuck with it, the start is beautiful.

Catherine said...

It looks beautiful!

Loretta said...

That is real beautiful. Good to hear that you are on a roll with it now. You have reminded me about a project I have that I wanted to do for ages on 40ct fabric. I might just pull it out and get started on it for this challenge.

Honeybee said...

Great job Bonnie! Keep with it! You are doing a fantastic!!!


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