Wednesday, January 05, 2011

There Be A Crow Day 5

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I didn't know it was raining until I put my stitching down to let Buffy out. She won't go unless I go with her. She's a trip.

She loves to go riding in the car and We were going to Hobby Lobby for 3829.  I went through all  floss 3 times and couldn't find it. I know it is here somewhere. Any way Buffy thought she would drive for a spell. This is the first time she ever did this. She is too funny. She is actually looking where she is going. ROFL

Buffy driving me to Hobby Lobby
 Todays Challenge was Ira Ray Crow by The Goode Huswife. I always wanted to stitch him and Ida Mae Crow so here we go! That is a strange colored flower on the left, I womder what kind it is?

Ira Ray Crow
The Goode Huswife
Ira Ray Crow
Ira Ray Crow
32 Count Lambswool
Dmc Floss
May the stitch be with you


Connie said...


Cath said...

Lovely start , you have so many nice projects . X

Loretta said...

Great start. Love the pic of Buffy behind the wheel. I love it when dogs do that. They look so cute.

Myra said...

Buffy is precious! Love your new start.


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