Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Frolic In The Foliage Day 8

Day 8 of The Crazy Fifteen Challenge was spent frolicking in the foliage. I really love the colors in this one. It was very hard to put aside and start the next challenge. It is going to be pretty and I hope I have it finished to enjoy next autumn.

Right now I have to get through January. It has always been my least favorite month. Have to see what the weather brings to South Carloina tonight. They are saying snow and ice, I went out and turned the light on in the pump house to keep the water pipes from freezing.

I am home alone with my two fur babies, Buffy and Abbey. They are both sleeping but still company for me.


Frolic In The Foliage
Blue Ribbon Designs
28 Count Lugana
DMC Floss
I am still stitching on Day 9 and hope to get a little more done tonight. It doesn't seem like I have 9 starts already.
I am trying to remember them in my mind. I guess I will line them all up and see if it is true. LOL.

Everyone have a good night, stay warm and safe.


April Mechelle said...

I love the Frolic Piece !! Like those colors!!

Myra said...

Another great choice Bonnie. I just love the colors of fall. I hope you don't get a lot of ice your way - stay warm.

Edit said...

Lovely colors, I am looking forward to see as you stitch more and more from it. It is so exciting to see all the pieces stitched by people for the 15 day challenge :)
Wishing you a nice week!


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