Friday, January 14, 2011

Fredericka & A Tuffet

Wow! This was certainly a beautiful day. The sun has been shining and the thermometer made its way up to 41 degrees. It is supposed to be 52 this weekend. We will be having a heatwave lol.

 I am revealing two starts today, (running a little behind on posting) but HEY I am keeping up.  I will be knid of glad to finish up so I can get something else done. My housework has suffered a little bit. And I am curious as to which one of the fifteen I will pick up first.

Day 12 is Just A Thought by Judy Odell. I just have to have a biscornu added to my list. I originally had both Frederick and Fredericka but decided that they were too much alike to keep both.
I love this tuffet and it is going to be so pretty. I am using ThreadworX overdyed floss and stitching it on 32 Count brown Linen. It has lots of Mill Hill Beads and has ruched ribbon around the edges.
I  purchased the floss from The Stitch and Frame Shop in Rock Hill last summer and had actually forgotten about it until it turned up while I was searching for something else.

Just A Thought 01

tuffet,judy odell
Just A Thought
Judy Odell
32 Count Brown Linen
ThreadworX overdyed floss
Day 13 is Fredericka by Carriage House Samplings. I really like stitching this one and I am sure that it will be one of my first finishes. I stitched quite a while on it before I put it down and took a break. I wanted to keep going but I had to step ahead to Day 14.

Fredericka 01

Fredericka CHS
32 Count Lambswool
DMC Floss
That's all for today my friends. I am off to find nourishement and my stitchy thing for today.


Karen said...

Two great made great progress on Frederika. Dread that border....

Brigitte said...

I've just browsed through all your posts about the challenge and had a look at what you chose. Your projects are all fantastic, so many different designers and styles. Congratulations on all your starts!

Siobhan said...

You've made some wonderful choices for your Challenge pieces! I see some of them are WIPs that I have (Peppermint Twist, etc.) and I am kicking myself that Frederika didn't make my final list after seeing your WIP pic. Beautiful stuff! I'll enjoy watching your progress on everything.

Happy new year to you & yours!

Julie said...

The tuffet is gorgeous, thats going to be so beautiful


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