Thursday, January 13, 2011

Challenge Days 10 and 11

Two more days of the Crazy Fifteen Challenge are started and ready to go. I have been stitching as I have been house bound since the ice storm. It was a pretty day today (we had sunshine YAY!) It was still pretty chilly but it did melt a little ice.

Day 10 was Blue Ribbon Designs  Peppermint Twist. I have had this one kitted up for over a year  and originally had planned to join a SAL. I hope I finish by Christmas.

Permint Twist

Peppermint Twist 01
Peppermint Twist
Blue Ribbon Designs
40 Count R&R Linen
Weeks Dye Works
Day 11 is Real Roses by The Drawn Thread. I have had this kit for several years and I won it on Ebay. The kit came with fabric but is not the suggested fabric. I am not sure what it is, but I am thinking of maybe starting it over on something less heavy and bulky. Probably a lighter shade. I have a good bit started but, it is a beautiful design and a lot of work so I want it to look okay. (No, I am definitely happy with it at all.) I am hesitant about even posting the pic. lol

Real Roses
Real Roses 01
Real Roses
The Drawn Thread
32 count Unknown Linen
Day 12. I am starting on Fredericka today. She is going to be a fun stitch, I love the colors. The challenge is going to be the border but it looks like it is going to be faster than I thought.

The sun is shining today and more ice is disappearing. It is still a little nippy out there so I am staying in and see how much stitching I can get done.


lynda said...

I love these two designs! The Drawn Thread is gorgeous, and "Peppermint Twist" has been a fave of mine since it came out.
And I love your new blog's so cheerful on this grey, rainy morning!

Blu Stitcher said...

I love stitching samplers, you can never get bored with them


Loretta said...

I love both the charts you chose to stitch. Very pretty. Keep warm!!!!!

Julie said...

Lots more beautiful projects for watch grow this year Bonnie, you have chosen some lovely designs.

Stay safe in the snow!

Karen said...

Great starts! I have Real Roses ready and think that one will be my last day start. I'm a little intimidated by the specialty stitches. Can't wait to see more progress on this one!

Happy stitching...

Carol said...

Good to hear things are thawing out down there for you, Bonnie! I love your new starts--they both look like they would be fun to stitch.

Patty C. said...

Great choices for the challenge - your starts look lovely !!

Virpi said...

That Blue Ribbon design looks fantastic!


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