Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 7 and A Terrifying Experience

First off before I begin with todays post, I have something to get off my chest.
Sometime ago when Internet Explorer did an update it totally quit working on my computer.

So I switched to Firefox. I am now having issues with it. When I go to post an image the link won't work and the box doesn't open. Same thing if I try to right click on an image and save as, the box won't open. Grrr.

I have Flock and that is the only way I can work on my blog. I guess I should count my blessings and be glad that between the 3 I can at least accomplish something.

Next on the agenda, I was out in the back 40 pulling weeds and trying to make a little dent in the mess out there. I was bending over by the air conditioner unit and turned sideways and saw a rattle snake all curled up. He looked like he was dead, he had his head down and looked kind of flat. He was as big around as my arm, I swear.

I moved off several feet and continued working. Several minutes went by and no activity, meanwhile my skin crawling every time I thought about him or looked over.
Still not moving, oh okay he has got to be dead. I will tell DS when he comes out and he can figure out what to do with him.

Bob opened the back door and I said look out there is a snake over here, I think he is dead. About that time the sucker stretched out and crawled up under the air conditioner. OMOG! I hope he doesn't have any friends. We went looking for sulfur but couldn't find any. We put out some moth balls but I am going to call Animal Control in the morning. This guy looks like he means business.

Enough about the snake, I hope I don't have nightmares tonight, I have been having some strange dreams lately anyway.

I have given up on getting good pics of the Glory Bee Trio of which I have only finished two into ornaments. I don't really like the result and may still do them another way. Any how I scanned them and they at least don't look faded out.

Yes, I am definitely going to have to do something different with these.


Nita said...

Snake - ewww! I hate snakes. Even if I thought it was dead, I'd be running for the hills.
I think the Glory Bee ornaments are great! I like the slightly muted look of them. But your opinion in this case is the only one htat matters - lol!

Karen said...

The only good snake is a dead snake and they still give me the hebbies jebbies! I would have had to run at first sight!

Your ornaments are nice!

Julie said...

OMG how scarey... i would have hot footed it in to the house as soon as i saw him!

trillium said...

Didn't know you had rattlers in SC. Must be careful around here because we have copperheads!


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