Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 6

There is not much going on today. Me and Abbey just hanging out. Took this picture of her, she just woke up from her cat nap.

I did a little stitching today on the Needle Book exchange for Tiny Treasures Too. I really need to get a head start as it has quite a ways to travel. I am hoping I like the way it will look, the colors are kind of strange.

I have been searching and looking at the different tutorials for Needle Books. I have never actually finished one and am kind of debating on which way to go. Guess I will stitch the design first and then go from there.

I finished two of the Glory Bee Trios but got to feeling a little bad and I am going to put off doing the third as I was sure I would mess up if I kept going.

I took pics but don't like the way they turned out. The fabric I stitched them on is a dark khaki and the colors were washed out. Guess I will try again before I post pictures. Abbey and I are having a bad hair day, lol.

Tomorrow is another day.


Karen said...

Such a cute kitty! Good luck on the needlebook finishing.

CindyMae said...

Abbey is just adorable!!

Julie said...

Abbey is so cute


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