Sunday, October 03, 2010

No I Did Not and A Red House

No I did not stitch the darling pumpkins in my header. I went searching for a pumpkin picture and found this one. I agree they are so cute and I really wish I could take credit for them.

My fur babies sit and watch down the road when it is time for me to come home from work. They are so precious. They normally don't get this close, least ways not when I am home. I think there is a little sibling rivalry lol.

Miss Abbey & Buffy
Miss Abbey
I have been stitching on LHN Red House in Winter today. I have made quite a bit of progress.  Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow. I am trying to get caught up with these ornaments. This one seems to be the most detailed one left to do.

LHN Red House In Winter
All Dolled Up
Progress 10/03/2010
I took the pictures with my phone cause it is dark outside. They turned out okay but just noticed the tree trunk is a little crooked, maybe there is a north wind blowing. lol.
I am off to see if I can get the house finished before I call it a night.


Lisa V said...

I too had been admiring those cute pumpkins!
The LHN ornies are soo nice, I have the snowman one to do soon.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The pumpkins are so pretty. I would buy some if the sold them somewhere. The furry critters are so cute. Have fun with the ornaments.

Carol said...

I had admired the pumpkins in your header, too, Bonnie--they look like they wouldn't be too hard to make.

Cute little red house ornament and isn't it wonderful to have your pets there waiting patiently for you after a long day at work...

Edit said...

Your little ones are so cute waiting for you.

And your Red House looks beautiful. I also plan to stitch a few more Christmas piece.

Julie said...

How lovely to be welcomed home by 2 fluffy friends

Your red house is looking lovely


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