Wednesday, July 07, 2010

One That Made It

Clover Biscornu
28 ct Jobelin
Mill Hill Beads
DMC Variegated Floss

I am happy to say that this Biscornu made it thru the mail system! Is that a miracle or what?
I stitched this one for Michelle The Shabby Stitcher.

It was a fun stitch and worked up fast and easy. I think I might do some more stitching along this type of design.

I finished reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and I am going to finish watching the movie tonight. I am glad I read the book first so it is easier to follow what is going on.  I fell asleep on it this afternoon.  It is in Swedish and has English subtitles. I am about half way through the second book "The Girl Who Played With Fire".

There is not much going on here tonight, I am alone with the fur babies. I am trying to finish up LHN Winter Sheep ornament. I started it at work last night on my break.

I am using 30 ct Straw from R&R and Dmc Floss.
It seems it is going to be a fast stitch cause I did this much in 30 Minutes.I am about 4 behind now. I really need to get caught up if I am going to have them done by Christmas.

I also need to get out the sewing machine and do something with my Fourth of July Bird. I have the backing fabric picked out and ready to finish. I added the red and blue star buttons because I couldn't tackle the crazy star stitch on the pattern lol.

Fourth of July Bird by HIH

I am getting to feel a little bad sitting here, my sinuses are bothering me today. So I am signing off for now. Hope everyone had a great day!


Karen said...

How pretty! Love the color in the biscornu. Your July 4th bird is cute too. Can't wait to see him finished.

Hope you feel better soon....stay cool and happy stitching.

FIONA said...

Beautiful stitching - I love the biscornu - from one biscornu fan to another! Great blog!

Berit said...

Beautiful finishing on that Biscornu! 0_o

Hope you feel better soon!

Julie said...

A super biscornu, pretty colour and design

Great start on the ornament, hope you are feeling much better soon


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