Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just A Little Venting

 Another reason for going exchangeless.

I really think for the most part exchanges are fun and most everyone is considerate and lets you know that they receive what you stitch for them whether they like it or not.

I understand that life gets in the way sometimes but how long does it take to send a quick email? It has been 2 weeks since I mailed an exchange and I know it has arrived as it only had a short way to go.

Just a little frustrated.


Julie said...

I'm sorry your exchange partner hasn't acknowledged receipt, i always worry when i send things that they will go missing and can't wait to know it arrived safely.

Berit said...

Oh, how sad. I hope things clear up well and SOON!

I'm concerned about my Arbor Day exchange (of all things) myself. Believe it or not, I mailed it on the same day I mailed the Easter pynkeepe to you! Now, it was going overseas, but still...I'm pretty certain the recipient is a "good acknowledger" so in this case it's probably just lost. Becky said to wait a bit on re-stitching, but I think it's time for me to do it since it's been a bit since she said so.

Gillie said...

I agree, I mailed an exchange on April 19th and not a word!

Ranae said...

I understand completely, it's rather rude
I hope you hear from that person soon

Karen said...

Tacky .... regardless how busy life gets you should have time for a quick email!


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