Sunday, January 17, 2010

TUSAL 2010 and New Exchanges

This would be my progress of my Totally Useless SAL for January. I have done a bit of stitching ,but not much in the past 2 weeks.I chose a smaller container this year.

I was fortunate to win a gift certificate at work and I got the jellyfish paper weight with it. It is pretty awesome. It glows in the dark.

I have bronchitis again. I didn't loose my voice completely this time but I have been feeling terrible.

Also I somehow pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and haven't been able to move my arm without screaming. It has been 10 days like this and just today the pain is subsiding a little. I have been doped up with pain killers,muscle relaxers and antibiotics. All I want to do is sleep and that is about all I have done.

I have finished my Chilly's Gift and still have to put him together into an ornament.
I still need to finish Fa La La and make the twisted braid. Also I have the next pattern for Little House Ornament of The Month, "Pear Tree" to stitch.

I have started 3 Exchanges that need to be done by the end of the month. One for Please Pass the Biscornu, One for the H.A.G.S. blog and a scissor pocket for Tiny Treasures Too.

Hopefully I will make the deadlines and I can post lots of pics.


stitchinfiend said...

Love the jellyfish paperweight it is gorgeous. Hope you are soon feeling a little better and that your shoulder soon rights itself.

Yoyo said...

At very first glance I thought the jellyfish was your Totally Useless Container, that is a lovely paperweight, you ought to take a picture of it when it's 'glowing in the dark'. I hope your shoulder injury is not too bad, that can nag you for a long time. Take care with it, we don't want you unable to stitch.

Karen said...

Goodness need to get to stitching! The paperweight is very intersting!!!!

Mylene said...

I hope you get to feel better very soon.

Julie said...

Great paperweight. Hope you are soon feeling better, lots of stitching projects to keep you busy.


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