Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year & New Finishes

I wish everyone the very best in 2010. I surely do not know how the past week has gone by so fast. I had to work New Years Eve and New Years. Not too bad though as there weren't many people flying.

I have finished stitching Little House Needleworks Fa La La as part of the 2010 Ornament a Month SAL. I stitched it on 30 count R&r Cappucino. It was the first time I stitched on30 count.

It turned out larger than I expected, but I am still going to finish it as an ornament. I am going to use wool for the backing fabric (if I can find any). I think it will be prettier using wool than a print fabric. I have the Dmc White Perle Cotton to make the twisted cord.

This was actually a simple stitch but I had trouble and had to frog the left tree not once but twice because I was a half stitch off. I think the Fa La La was what threw me off.

"All Dolled Up"
Little House Needleworks
Fa La La
DMC Floss
30 count Cappucino from R&R

I used french knots for the eyes and a straight stitch for the mouth. I added the called for red Mill Hill Beads.

I have also been wanting Chilly's Gift Freebie by Stitchy Kitty. I think he is just adorable and I wanted to stitch with those funky colors. lol. I have him all most finished and hopefully today I will be done. I really like the 28 count Luguana and I am pretty sure I will be using it again this year.

Chilly's Gift
Stitchy Kitty
28 Blue Luguana
DMC Floss

I will post pictures as soon as I get these two finished. I am going to stitch a scissor pocket for an exchange and am still searching for a pattern. Not having much luck. The ones I find and really like have a lot of speciality stitches. Scary to me. lol.

May the Stitch be with you.


Julie said...

Happy New Year to you Bonnie

Loving Chilly, i have him in my to do pile too, wonder if he'll get to the top this year!!

Nice fa-la-la finish.

Maggie said...

Hello Bonnie, i just left a comment on the LHN blog for your Fa-La-La. Just wanted to say that i love Chilly, he's so cute, i think the funky colours are great too!

Karen said...

Love your Fa La La finish...very pretty. Love Chilly too and it is too cute. Happy stitching....

stitchinfiend said...

Your Fa La La is gorgeous and Chilly is just too cute.

Shelleen said...

congrats on finishing fa la la and Chilly is really cute.

Michelle Lutzen said...

Bonnie, your "Chilly" looks wonderful so far! I'm so glad you like the funky colors, I've had some stitchers ask why I picked them because they said they weren't 'Christmas' colors...but I like them! :-)

Looking forward to seeing him when he's all done!

Happy holidays,

Edit said...

Happy New stitching Year Bonnie!


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