Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 15 and A Pumpkin Update

We have another rainy day but I am at home and don't need to venture out. I haven't done too much but sit here reading blogs and watching the birds at the feeder. lol.
Oh and I confess I took a little nap after stitching a little on Pumpkin Time. we spent a little time trying to set up a Google Calender so we will be better organized. It is actually pretty neat but it took a while to get it set up so we could share calenders.

It is hard to believe that Halloween is almost upon us. October is a long month this year so we have three paydays. YAY! I still have a few want to stitch Halloween things. I might have to wait until next year. I want to get Pumpkin Time finished by Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas.

We have discovered the Campbell Soup website and for now have solved the problem of what to have for dinner. They have a recipe of the day. We have tried a few when both of us are home at the same time. (Not too often) We are having pork chops tonight.

Here is promised pic of Pumpkin Time. I was disappointed because I couldn"t get the true colors to show up. The fabric is not white or gray or whatever that ugly color is but ivory and the color of the pumpkins doesn't look right. EDIT: I took another pic but put it under my magnifying lamp. It is a much better pic.

At least you can see I have made a little progress. I filled in the letter P and did some of the checkerboard pattern along the bottom. I noticed that I have the second yellow flower in the wrong place, but no biggy as far as frogging.

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