Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 12

Today is the 12th day of Blogtoberfest and it certainly was a rainy one.
It was my first day back at work after 8 days of truly enjoying myself at home, stitching, reading and being just plain lazy.

I planned on going to get the Crescent Color Tomatilla that I needed for Pumpkin Time. I had second thoughts about going in the rain, but I left for work early and stopped by to get it. I can't wait til tomorrow so I can stitch on the pumpkin.

I carried the Needle Book with me and finished it on my lunch break. Now all I need to do is get the sewing machine out and put it together. There will be no more stitching tonight, I am nodding off as I sit here.

When I visited Gaynor's Blog this morning, I saw this and fell totally in love. (sigh)

Just Nan Hootzi Humbug

Tomorrow I should have an update on Pumpkin Time. I am of to visit the Sandman.

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