Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pumpkin Anyone

Wow! I am really in the autumn mode nowadays. I have been going through my stash looking for Halloween and Thanksgiving designs. They are such colorful and fun stitches. I finished stitching JBW's Pumpkin a couple days ago.

A coworker, Brittany really likes it and says please make me one to hang on my wall. Now you know I am not really a great fan of stitching a design more than once and I sure do not want to part with it. Woe is me--what to do?

I am open for suggestions on how to finish it.
A frame, which most definitely would be hard to find.
A pillow maybe (I have a piece of orange fabbie that looks great with it.
A tuck wall hanging like I finished my July Sings?

Well, I am off to fix supper. Fixin' a meat loaf, yellow squash, sliced tomatoes
from the Topsy Turvy and some good old smashed taters.


Karen said...

Got any leftovers??? I could be there in a minute and I haven't eaten yet!

I love her designs and love the pumpkin. Would be cute as a pillow or wall hanging.

Julie said...

Looks great Bonnie, i'm sure it will be wonderful whichever way you finish it.

Gaynor said...

The design is fantastic. I am still waiting for summer, but there is def. a feeling of autumn in the air.

Yoyo said...

I am not quite ready for autumn....because it leads to winter (LOL). But I have an obligation to stitch a harvest theme in the next couple of weeks so maybe that will help.

I love this Pumpkin!! It's way too cute. I'm voting for pillow but with black fabric, orange for me would be overkill. So be sure to post it when you're finished so I can see how beautiful it actually is with orange fabric.

I'd use the opportunity to teach my friend to stitch her own wall hanging.

Always smiling said...

Hi Bonnie

Thank you for the comments on my blog, Nell is a sweetie indeed?? erum some times when she is not chewing something she shouldn't!
we think alike Bonnie? Watch out for something on my blog soon!

Happy stitching and Blessings

Chris x

image restoration said...

Looks marvelous!!


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