Thursday, May 21, 2009

PC Problems & Thank You

No e-mails today
I can't respond to any emails today
something has crashed on my computer

and the mouse is missing.

I just had to share this. A friend sent it to me and I think it is so cute.

I want to thank everyone for their comments about my surgery. It is so nice to have great friends who care. I am faithfully keeping up with my eyedrops, I thought I was having a reaction to them. I had a rash on my arms but it is cleared up now. I used to be so dizzy all the time and that has also gone away. It is just SO GREAT!

Enough about that, I have the day off today and am trying to decide what to stitch on. Today is SAL Thursday for Friends of Haed. I haven't picked it up since my surgery, I guess I am still in denial (scared I still wont be able to see the over one) LOL. And then there is Beatrix Potter which is the same.

I do have one finish to share that I have taken a pic of. I stitched
this design from The Prairie Schooler Spring for a Stitching and Exchanging Swap. I have finished a Watermelon Pinkeep and am about to finish up a floss tag.
I also have been stitching some on LHN Peppermint Lane.

I am going to sign off for now and make a pot of coffee and have a blueberry muffin. Then on to a busy day.

Love y'all.


CindyMae said...

That picture is just too cute! Love the finish, it is gorgeous!

Karen said...

That kitten is so cute!!! I had to laugh...
Love the PS design! Very springy. Glad you are doing well with your eyes.

Julie said...

LOL little kitty, being a cat lover it appeals to me.

Nice ornie. I vote you stitch on BP so i can admire your progress!


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