Friday, November 28, 2008

Back To Work and Prairie Schooler

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving,
It was a beautiful day here in sunny South Carolina.
My neice had to work so we had a late dinner.

I really enjoyed staying home and watching the Thanksgiving Day parade.
I only have 3 more hours and I have to be at work. It has been fun staying home and being lazy, sigh.

A lot can change in 10 days , it seems like the rules change every day on the job. New things going on and different way to do things. I will have some catching up to do, I am sure.

I have always wanted to stitch the 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments.
I have started several sets from different designers but some are so detailed that I just felt it wasn't worth the effort. I have found  The TwelveDays of Christmas by The Prairie Schooler.

When stitched individually, they are 40 x 40 stitches.  There are no half stitches or backstitching. Not too many color changes. I think I may be able to get them done in time for Christmas.

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Lynn B said...

Hi Bonnie I love Prarie Schooler too!

I have displayed the tags and my six random things are now posted. I have been a little busy so it took a few days for me to sort it, but I finally got around to listing them.

Thanks Lynn B


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