Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally Finished

Wow! I finally finished Elaine's biscornu. It will be on it's way today. I really should have stitched a smaller less complicated design for my first biscornu. After much frogging I got it put together. I am proud to say I conquered the demon. lol. I will post pictures when Elaine receives it.

Now I am on to stitch something for Halloween. I am going to stitch Just Nan's-Poor Jack. Looks like kind of a quick stitch and then I want to make him into a flat fold or maybe just an ornament.

I haven't stitched enough on my Enchanted Mermaid to post progress as I have been busy with the biscornu. I have one night to work and then off 2 days. whoopie! Then I am going to get caught up.

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