Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines & Hearts

I received my Lizzie Kate Exchange from Kathy. She stitched for me a favorite design and finished it into a beautiful pillow.  I love the pretty navy fabric with the pink roses. Hot pink is one of my favorite colors so the ribbon is perfect.

I also got a special gift from Rory . The pillow arrived in the pretty Valentine bag that Rory's chocolate puppy is lying on. Thank you so much Kathy & Rory for making my Valentines Day  special.

I found this lovely lady in a box. I had forgotten all about her. I stitched her quite a few years ago, I guess. She is stitched on perforated paper.

I thought she was so cute and I remember ordering the wooden body and arms. She was in one of the Cross Country Magazine Issues.

I have two Valentine finishes that I will post tomorrow.


Julie said...

Super exch pillow, the pink ribbon certainly look perfect on it.

gracie said...

TYhe pillow is so nicely finished...and Rory knows to send chocolate to a girl! I like stitching on perferated paper...that is what my dragonflies are done on...

Karen said...

Nice exchange!

Edit said...

The little LK pillow is so cute and the chocolate... :)

I also like your little lady. I also stitch on perforated paper from time to time and I think it is really great.


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