Sunday, November 14, 2010

O Morning Star

O Morning Star
The Work Basket
28 Count Golden Sand
DMC Floss
 I have been slowly stitching on this design by The Workbasket.
The yellow was actually supposed to be a lighter color (DMC 677) but it didn't show up well enough on the Golden Sand. Suggested fabric was a little more orange (Lakeside Linen Silver Fir),.

I as going to try and dye some fabric but, decided to go with this piece I found in my stash. I haven't decided what colors I am going to use in finishing but will work at it tomorrow. I am anxious to see how it works out.

I am still stitching on my LHN ornaments. I don't have too much more to stitch on The Merry Skater. It is stitched on 32 count Tumbleweed by Wichelt Imports. I thought I liked it when I first started it but I found out it makes my eyes cross when I try to see the holes. I found that I can see it better in the sunny part of the day.
I missed it today because I took a nap. :-(

I spent most of the day trying to get my scanner to work. I don't know what happened to it but it has gave me a bad headache. I messed around and managed to get my printer to quit working too. My DS came and did a system restore
and now at least I have my printer and my photo imaging back. I have some freebies I want to print. I saw where Karen had stitched them and fell in love.

I really need to get the ball rolling and get some super fast stitching and finishing done.
Stay tuned and we will see what happens.


Myra said...

Very pretty finish Bonnie - I love the colors. This technology we rely on so heavily can really test our patience at times, can't it? I hope you get it all back up and running smoothly soon.

Chris said...

Very pretty Bonnie. Sorry to hear that you are having technical difficulties.

Karen said...

That's a cute finish! Napping???? You should be stitching...Christmas is coming! Happy stitching on your ornaments!

Hope you get the scanner working too...don't you just hate computer gadgets sometimes?

D@isy said...

Leaving you this beautiful, very good color change.


Carol said...

What a bright and cheery design, Bonnie--I really like it...Good luck with finishing up your LHN ornaments, too!

I know just what you mean about needing good light to stitch. I can hardly stitch at night anymore, even with my Ott light! It's just too hard on these middle aged eyes :)

Edit said...

I like your morning star, it is so bright and colorful!

I have also problems with my scanner :( It is a veeeery old one, works, but so slow that I think twice before getting it unpacked. I should find a permanent place for it, so at least I wuld not need to unpack&pack every time I want to use it.

Julie said...

Very bright and colourful design

love the flowers when i opened up your blog, a lovely surprise


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