Monday, November 22, 2010

The Last One

I am finally finished with Please Pass the Biscornu. I managed to stitch a biscornu for everyone in the exchange. Two stitchers dropped out and one didn't stitch one for me in return. Which means I came out three short.

All in all though I received some beautiful biscornus and love my collection. Thanks everyone who sent me these gems.

I am happy to be finished stitching biscornus for a while. There are a lot of designs out there that I would love to add to my collection and you can be sure that they will be stitched for me. I have at least 16 of them and they are all exchanges. (In the past 2 years) I think I need at least one that I can say that I stitched and finished. lol.

This one I stitched for Sheila. She has received it and says she likes it.

O Morning Star
The Workbasket
28 count Golden Sand Linen
DMC Floss

I thought I would share with you the biscornu that I received from Sheila. It is one of my favorites. I love the turquoise floss and the design she used.  I received this beauty back in January. She also sent along some Crescent Colors.

I have started stitching on LHN Frosty Flake and  I am making some progress. I still need to sit down at the sewing machine and do some finishing. 


Berit said...

Love this final entry (SO pretty and unusual)! Sorry to hear that some people flaked on making them for you. :(

But it's a good feeling to live up to your own end, isn't it?

Catherine said...

These are lovely! Bummer that not everyone finished the exchange, but how good does it feel that you did it!!

carol fun said...

What a beautiful piece! I love the design and the colors. You did a great job on this. Happy stitching -

TammyK said...

Very cute biscornu :) Can't wait to see your Frosty Flake.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Sorry you didn't get all you were due, but the least you can say is that you're an expert biscornuist! This one is so unusual! Love the BBD in the previous post - will have to check out those frames...

Julie said...

Very lovely, shame that you were missing some from the exchange


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