Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Encore Appearance

Plum Street Samplers
"Take One My Pretty"
40 CT Lakeside Linen
DMC Floss
I think it is time for "Take One My Pretty" to make her second appearance. She made her debut last Halloween and made quite a hit.

When I saw this Tin Topper I just knew I had to stitch one. It is by Plum Street Samplers. It is my first Tin Topper and my first time stitching on 40 ct. I really like it, I have fallen in love.

I did a real simple finish.I used a green Altoid tin so I there was no painting involved. I glued ribbon around the tin and used sticky black felt for the bottom. Oh yes, there are a lot of firsts on this. I actually made the twisted cord though I think it would have been better to use more than two strands of floss.

Inside M&M's in Halloween Colors

Have a great day!


Chris said...

Very cute Bonnie! Nice finishing.

Myra said...

I just love this design and your finishing on the tin looks great!

Deborah said...

I didn't see the tin last year and I just love it!

Carol said...

What a great finish, Bonnie--I love it! Are you giving it to a friend or keeping it for yourself?

Jules said...

Very cool!

Karen said...

Very cute finish....hope you are feeling better.

Julie said...

OH MY!!! that is so adorable, love the design


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