Sunday, September 12, 2010

La D Da & A Mystery Stitch

La D Da Biscornu
JCS Christmas Preview Issue
I received this lovely biscornu from Marjorie for the Please Pass the Biscornu Exchange.
I just love it as I am a La D Da fan. She did a fabulous job, her stitching is exquisite as is her finishing.
The over dyed floss she selected is such a pretty fall color, it reminds me of the leaves that are beginning to fall in my yard.

Thank you so much Marjorie, I am so happy to add it to my collection.

Mystery Stitch
For an Exchange
I started stitching this design for someone that should have been finished by the 1st of the month, but I got so involved with my Halloween stitching I just didn't get it done. I am hoping to have it finished by Monday (oh my goodness, that is tomorrow) Hmmmmmm I am going to have to get my needles flying. lol.

Stay tuned to see if I accomplish this goal and see it finished up. I have so many things to stitch and deadlines to meet.

  1. Pinkeep Exchange
  2. Pumpkin Exchange
  3. Please Pass The Biscornu
  4. Finish Pansy Biscornu
  5. Finish LHN Ornament of Month designs by Christmas
  6. Stitch something from the new JCS ornament Issue
I could continue but I am getting freaked out. lol   Very scary.

May the stitch be with you...........


Karen said...

You should be stitching!!! Love your new goodie and your new WIP is neat with the greens. Can't wait to see it finished.

Now....stop reading this and stitch!

Patti said...

Love the biscornu you lucky lady you and also what you are stitching. Hope you get your goals done.
Patti xxx

Julie said...

A lovely autumnal coloured biscornu you've received.

I hope you are able to get all your goals stitched and sent out, nice colour/design you have started

Myra said...

Beautiful biscornu! The green WIP looks very promising - love the color.

Edit said...

What a lovely biscornu you have received! And good luck with the stitching you are working on! I am also behind my plans, I wanted to stitch 1 biscornu/month and so far I have only made 6. Let's see if I will finish one this month.

Cristina said...

I want to congratulate you for the round number of 100 followers and wish you good luck for all the deadlines you have to meet.

I loved your Queen Bee!


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