Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Progress

I have really enjoyed the past two days of rest.
I got quite a few hours of stitching in.
Also i enjoyed cooling off in our new pool. We got a float for Buffy but I don't think she enjoys it much. She likes to be with us but it is too hot for her. So far she hasn't jumped out. LOL.

Buffy Pool

The weather has been pretty. we got a little shower of much needed rain this afternoon. The honeysuckle is blooming and my allergies are kicking in.

I watched a movie from Red Box and stitched on the blue water on Shores of Hawkrun Hollow. I thought I would be able to finish it up but there are so many blue stitches. But I can see the more rock, a few stitches to finish up the birds and than the rest of the water.

The picture is not too good, I used my Blackberry because it has a better flash than my camera.

I am stitching it on 40 ct.Sand Dune from Lakeside Linen with DMC Floss. I wish I could afford to use NFS .
I am using it for the first time to stitch Three Crows by The Goode Husewife and I really love it.

I am loving to stitch the crows. I used a small piece of 40 ct. Light Exampler from Lakeside Linens. I wanted to stitch the other crow and finish it up, but haven't worked on Shores for a while and I am anxious to start on Block 2. Well, they are both in the final stages.

May the stitch be with you


April Mechelle said...

Your stitching is great ! Buffy is cute in her new pool float !!!

Karen said...

Again....I just love the Three Crows...too pretty! I am scared to try the silks....may like them!

Your shores is looking good...happy stitching this weekend.

Myra said...

Buffy is so cute! I am in the planning stages for Shores, trying to decide which linen to order. I will be stitching with DMC too and will be watching your progress.

Julie said...

Buffy looks so cute!

Shores is looking wonderful and the Crows are great.

Berit said...

Ooh, I do hear 3 crows calling to me! :D How pretty all your stitching is, and the pool looks like great fun even if your dog isn't quite all about it!


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