Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's A Topper

I received a beautiful tin topper from Andrea. She lives in Idaho close to my hometown, Burley.

She stitched a pretty hardanger design on lavender fabric. (One of my favorite colors.)

I really like hardanger and I don't have any in my collection so this is special to me. On the inside of the tin is a smaller design personalized with my name.

The tin is finished with a pretty coordinating fabric and green ribbon and beads. And to top it off a pair of Little Gems purple scissors that I have been wishing for. How great is that?

Thanks Andrea,


Vicky L said...

The tin is very beautiful. I love the color too. Congratulations on a great gift.

Julie said...

A very beautiful tin topper, the stitching is fabulous, what a nice gift to receive

Anonymous said...

your web site is awesome. I like the wind chime, and I think the paws were a stroke of genius.


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