Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Easter Ornament & New Things

I received my Easter ornament from Berit. This was for the Holiday Exchange. It is so pretty and beautifully finished. I love the colors and the design she chose.

"Strawberry Summer Sampler"
C Street Needleworks
28 ct Cashel "Fog" from
Picture This Plus
GAST & DMC Floss

She also sent a darling note with black kitties on it. I am fascinated by her handwriting. It is beautiful. I might just frame it. lol.

Thanks so much Berit.

We rode up to Rock Hill yesterday and on the way home I received a very special Easter gift. Berit gave me a $15.00 gift certificate from Down Sunshine Lane .
Thank you so much Berit. You are the bestest!

I picked up some new stash at the Stitch & Frame Shop. I didn't really get what I was searching for, lol. but I did find a few things that I had to have.

I thought this little design by Hinzeit was cute and will be a simple fun stitch for a pinkeep. I may make several in different colors.

I saw that someone was stitching "Be Kind & True" by With My Needle & Thread and kind of fell in love with it. Don't know when I will get to start it but at least I will have it when I find time.

I really like 28 ct Lugana so I picked up a piece of Lambswool and can't wait to find the perfect design to stitch on it.

I have finished up the February Biscornu (a little late) I know Leeanne is waiting on it. I will post pics as soon as she receives it. I have 10 more biscornus to stitch and I picked a couple skeins of Weeks Bethlehem. I think it will make a pretty biscornu.

I was lucky to find some Weeks Dye Works wool to use for the backing on my LHN Ornament of the Month series. I picked a dark green and I think it will match all the ornaments. It does so far.
I have Fa La La and Pear Tree stitched and am working on He's A Flake.

I always like to try new fabrics and these 2 are just big enough to stitch an ornament or pinkeep.
I love the colors. The fabric is 30 count.

Have so many things to start and finish. I have a altoid tin that I need to stitch for an exchange. That is my top priority and I have the design all picked out. Shouldn't take me long for this one and the I can do some finishing and get my LHN ornaments done.


Berit said...

I'm so glad (and a bit relieved, too) that you liked the pin keep and gift card! I really wasn't sure which crescent colours to get for you so I just ordered a little GC from Amy to email to you. I hope it managed to arrive around the same time as the pinkeep! :D

Great new stash; I've gotta stop seeing all these great designs on blogs and changing my must-stitch list, lol--it's getting long! ;)

I've been hearing about that Stitch & Frame shop for a little while now; I'd love to visit it someday! :D

Julie said...

A superb pinkeep, what a nice notecard too.

Sounds like you will be very busy with your stitching plans Bonnie. I too like laguna to stitch on.

Happy Stitching x

Karen said...

Great exchange! Love your new stash...can't wait to see what you get from Down Sunshine Lane.

I was able to visit the Stitch & Frame on the way to Charlotte a few weeks ago and had to show major restaint not buy all of the new market stuff!

Good luck with all of your stitching.

Siobhan said...

Wow, what a lovely gift from Berit! I love your new stash, too!

Mylene said...

What lovely pinkeep you received from the exchange and such lovely new stash.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Bonnie, what a lovely little exchange you recieved! What a great shopping trip!


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