Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Have Snow and a New Biscornu

What is this?

First big bunch of snow that I have seen since 1999. It is really pretty, now that I am home and can enjoy it and not be out on the roads. I was at the airport(at work) when it started about 3 pm. I had to stay until 8 o'clock and by that time I was pretty frantic about getting home. I had 25 miles to drive. I do not like driving in South Carolina under these conditions. lol.

I know this may sound a little crazy but when you live in the south, people are not used to driving in snow and there are a lot of accidents and a lot of people getting stuck. Back in 1999 it was snowing bad and it took us 7 hours to go 11 miles.

Anyhow coming home last night was actually okay. There was very few people out and they were driving safely. It was really pretty and the only trouble I had was getting up our driveway which is uphill.

Shay has received the Biscornu I stitched for her for Please Pass the Biscornu.

Design by "Nina Blagova"
28 ct. White Lugana
DMC floss
Mill Hill beads

This was a fun biscornu even know it turned out to be smaller than I anticipated. I guess biscornus come in all sizes. lol.

I am waiting to hear from Lynn in Scotland. She should be receiving the scissor case that i stitched for her. Also, I was late getting Annette's H.A.A.G. ornament in the mail. I didn't like the way the first ornament that I stitched turned out so I stitched another one. I hope she likes it, it is on it's way to Australia. I mailed it two days ago and they told me 5 days but, I don't think so.

I have four projects on the coffee table and I am stitching a little on each one today. It is so bright and sunny from the snow I can see real well and my needles are flying.


Threads and thoughts said...

A beautiful biscornu, nice in colour and matching beads.
Here in Belgium, snow isn't usual eather and when unexpected like on wednesday, the whole country was one big queue! Still, the sight of it can be amazing beautiful.

Karen said...

Love your exchange. The colors are very pretty.

Love the snow was pretty. I hate the after effects, though, since everything will be so "sloshy".

Hope you get in many stitches today.

stitchinfiend said...

That biscornu is beautiful. Love the colours. I will let you know the moment the ornament arrives. You should be getting yours any day now.

Julie said...

Pretty biscornu and pretty pic of your snow too.

Mylene said...

Beautiful snow picture and your biscornu looks lovely!

Ranae said...

Pretty biscornu! love the color and the beads


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