Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carolina Classic and TUSAL

TUSAL for November

I am finally getting around to posting. There has been quite a bit going on and have been waiting to be able to get some good pics. Every time I have a day off it is cloudy and during the week I just can't get motivated enough to get the camera out. Shame on me.

First Picture is for Yoyo. I am late as usual. The new moon comes way too fast. She was wanting to see a picture of my black cat fish bowl for the TUSAL. Abbey always has to get in the picture cause she thinks she is the number one cat, lol.
(which could be true)

I have been stitching on exchanges and trying to figure out how in the heck I am going to make everything I want to do before Christmas. I keep oohing and awing over all the new designs that I see and I have quite a collection. Most are small simple stitches but still I don't think I will survive. lol. I am already sinking.

I did get to go to the Carolina Classic Craft Show at the fairgrounds yesterday. We spent four hours there. They had 2 buildings and lots of great stuff.

They only had one cross stitch booth but a lot of other crafts etc. I bought some magnets and a treat bowl for Abbey. Also a cupcake soap.

Trying to get a picture and caught two nosy babies. I don't know what they are looking for. Nothing to eat there. lol

Without the nosy spectators.

I just love this one. Got it for Buffy, when she wants a treat she keeps getting louder and louder if I ignore her. Which I most always do because she hasn't eaten her food first.

Abbey with Buffy's sweater on.
She says please overlook the fat belly.

Don't I look so sweet in pink?

Have a great day!


Yoyo said...

Atta girl! I missed that black cat, it is just too cute. I love the doggie bones you got at the fair! I know what you mean about not having a lot of energy during the week, used to be that way when I was working. I'm sure there are plenty of us who understand that! Are we going to get you to join the Christmas SAL? It's the only way I'll get anything stitched for me.

Julie said...

Abbey looks so cute in the sweater.

Karen said...

Great your kitty. She is so pretty! Had hope to make it to the craft show on Sunday but the rain convinced me to stay in! Nice finds, though.

stitcheranon said... cute. How on earth did you get the sweater on the cat without losing all your fingers lol?

FayeRaye said...

The show looked good and I noticed there was one booth that had counted cross stitch...Nimble Needle..?.. I know you had fun..wish I were a little closer and I would check it out!~ Faye in NC


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