Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 4

Today is a cool fall day. Skies overcast and a little bit nippy. The sun peeks through for a few minutes and then hides again.

No work for eight days. Yay!

I am sitting here in my flannel jammies, sipping a hot cuppa tea and watching the birds outside at the feeder. There are lots of little finches and every once in a while a cardinal or a blue jay. There are some bigger birds, I think they are doves that come and feed on the ground. Every now and then I see a rabbit. I need to go get him some pellets or whatever it is that they eat.

I am going venture out today and see if I can find a table to sit my sewing machine on. Then I can put it in my craft room and get it off the dining room table. I used to have a special folding table that I purchased at a yard sale or the Goodwill and it has gotten lost somewhere in the many times we have moved.

I received a RAOK from Edit . She has been doing Tea Bag Folding and sent me a beautiful card made with blue tea bags. I have actually been experimenting with these too. (Miss Abbey is bird watching also. She just ran in front of the monitor going to her perch by the window.)

If you do a Google search you can find lots of information and patterns to download. There is one lady that uses those window envelopes you receive in the mail. The ones they send their bills in. Putting them to good use. lol.

Edit also sent a shopping list pad. Real cute. And some pretty pictures of Budapest. I can really use those little felt autmn items also. Not sure how but I know I will come up with something.
Maybe put them on a Tea Bag Card?

Sun is shining again. I still have to wait two hours to go shopping as nothing opens until one o'clock on Sunday. Guess I will take a litlle nap as I got up early this morning.

May you have a blessed Day.

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Yoyo said...

What a lovely RAOK, hope it made your day.

And OH MY GOODNESS!! I had never seen Tea Bag Folding before, how wonderful. I think you have introduced me to a new line of "things to do with the grandsons", they will love this! Thank you so much for the link, I was fascinated by all the beautiful designs.

We used to do something like this with the wrappers off gum sticks when I was a kid, but I'm sure nothing this beautiful ever came of it.


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