Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 24 and Hootzi Is Here

Well I have totally missed out on completing Blogtoberfest. Who would have known that I would have all these things raining down on me?

Well I could have had a clue. With all the different types of flu going around I was bound to get my fair share. And considering where I work and meeting people from all over the world, I was sure I was going to catch something.

I started out with a sort of sore throat and sneezing. After a couple days of cold meds I developed laryngitis. I actually worked two days cause I didn't feel too bad. Second day my voice was almost gone and so I called in yesterday and stayed home.

I did get some stitching done on Pumpkin Time. My goal was to stitch one pumpkin a day and have it done in a week. I am about half way there and maybe after I watch a few more movies and stitch, I might make some more progress.

I was wondering where to get a frame for it and Lo and Behold....I found one at Walmart for $3.00. How great is that? It is actually meant to hold two 3 1/2 x 5 photos but without the mat it will work perfectly. They had three different ones and I picked the antique looking one. I am going back and pick up some more cause You can never have enough frames,especially the hard to find sizes.

I got really bold and converted my blog over to a three column. I was afraid I would mess up the html, but I did great. It needs some more work but I will have fun doing it. I like the way it looks and I won't have all that scrolling.

Just Nan
Hootzi Humbug

I got more stash! Yeah! Look what came in the mail yesterday. I think this is so adorable. I ordered extra 28 ct. Golden Sand Linen so I could have something left over for future stitching.
I am not, let me repeat that, I am not under any circumstances going to start on this until I finish Pumpkin Time.

I also received some cute freebies by Usurla Michael. They are so cute, but probably will be an item for next Halloween. They are stitched with Kreinik Glow -In-The-Dark threads. I have some of these somewhere that I purchased years ago when I was in Idaho. I saw them a while back but I don't remember where, I am going to have to do some organizing. I will proboably be surprised what I find.

I am mailing of a couple exchanges and will show pics as soon as they arrive at their new homes.

Maybe I won't be gone so long this time
May the stitch be with you.


Julie said...

YAY!!! i can get into your blog again, haven't been able to visit for ages it kept shutting the PC down on me.

Hope you are soon feeling good as new Bonnie.

Cindy F. said...

Get well Bonnie!

Nice new stash:)


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