Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vacation and a Boo Boo

We took a small vacation last week. We hadn't been to Charleston for quite a while so we decided to take a quick trip (one day) to see some sights, eat some seafood and visit the beach.

We took a few snaps, none of the beach but some from East Bay Street and The Battery.


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These are clickable images if you would like to see original pics and descriptions.

We ate at The Noisy Oyster on East Bay Street. I love Fried Oysters and they were the bomb. I also had a cup of She Crab Soup. OMG it was out of this world! Bob had his favorite Scallops.
We walked down to the Battery after we finished eating. Didn't get to see as much as I wanted because we had to pay to park and Bob was concerned that we wouldn't get back to the car in time.

On the way to Charleston I started Pumpkin by JBW. I am stitching it on a piece of 28 count fabric that I bought When I lived in Post Falls, Idaho. I am using DMC Variegated Floss. This is what I stitched on the way there and coming home until it got too dark to see.

I wanted to start on some Halloween and Autumn things. I am not sure how I am going to finish it when I am through stitching but it is a fun stitch.


We are going back this weekend and taking Buffy. First time going to the beach for her. I don't know how she will react but it should be fun.

We are just packing the cooler with drinks and sandwiches etc, so we can spend more time at the beach. We are going to Folly Beach this trip. I know it has changed a lot since I lived there.

Now on to one of the BIGGEST boo boos I have ever made. I am so angry with myself. I received my R&R Iced Cappuccino for Berry Time and was very anxious to put in the first stitch.

There are no dimensions on the pattern, only stitch count. So never having stitched on 30 count before and not thinking rationally, I calculated wrong and divided by 30 instead of 15. Got the scissors and cut the fabric in half. Still hadn't realized my mistake until I had stitched the first three letters. Grrrrrrrrr!

So I am stitching it on some unknown 28 count fabric that I dyed for an antique effect. I haven't really decided if I like it or not but I have gone too far too give it up.

My Blogoversary is coming up in 28 days. Wow! I will be doing another giveaway. I am not sure what it will be but I will be posting it in the next few days. If you are interested in my birthday giveaway yoy still have time to add your comment.

Happy stitching!


Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, what a bummer about the fabby. I know I've done such boo boos before too. Loved the pics!! Also love the way the JBW is stitching up, so pretty.

Karen said...

Great pics of Charleston...we just love visiting too and went about a month ago. I like the fabric for Berry Time. It is looking it very good! Also love the this cute.

Rowyn said...

Love your holiday snaps, and your little Buffy is adorable. Talk about puppy dog eyes!

Sorry to hear about your fabric mishap. I always get my husband's help with measurements. Mathematics is something I have never been good at!

Your Pumpkins and Berry Time are both looking really lovely!

Yoyo said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your fabric boo boo, but I'm pretty sure we've all done it at one time or another. I began stitching on a bed sheet, sitting at one corner with a sister or cousing at another corner. We'd stitch then cut, so that's pretty much how i still do it today. I don't think I ever really learned to "measure" and besides I'm rotten at math.

You've sure got some nice pieces finished and in progress since my last visit. And I love your vacation snaps, it's always great to see new places, although Charleston is on my 'to do list'.

Happy Sttching

Julie said...

Lovely pics of your trip.
Oh no ... its does look lovely though, you did a great job dyeing the fabby.
Nice pumpkin start too.


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