Saturday, August 01, 2009

Beatrix Update

I promised an update on my Beatrix Potter. I still haven't finished July Sings, but have been stitching on Berry Time. I have set up a 14 day meter for it. I think surely I might be able to finish it in that length of time.

I haven't had much time for stitching, I just did a 3 day stretch at work. There are a lot of people flying and it has been quite busy. There have been a lot of delays cause of weather in Atlanta which means overtime. Have to keep shops open til all flights leave.

June Progress
July Progress
It seems like I stitched a lot on Beatrix this month, more than last month. But looking at the before and after I don't see a lot. I still haven't finished the motif at the top. But I am keeping the faith and maybe more will show up in August. Now that I have this much completed it is getting more encouraging to finish one motif so I can start on the next. lol.
Does this make much sense?


Karen said...

Looks good! I love the color you chose...keep stitching...

Julie said...

Good progess Bonnie


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