Friday, July 03, 2009

An Award and Happy Fourth of July

I am happy to receive this award from Marie
Thanks so much.

The rules are:

Put this picture on your blog
Put a link to whom you got it from
Name at least 7 blogs!
Leave a comment on their blogs

I read so many blogs and they are all fantastic! I am awarding the following 7 blogs.
The mail lady brought me a package, always very exciting. It was from Kate for the Stitching and Exchanging Just Nan Swap. It is beautifully stitched and finished and has my favorite lavender colors. It is my first Just Nan and I just love it. She also sent a pretty card, some lavender beads and some stick pins. I have never thought of using one for frogging but I am sure going to put them to use. lol

Happy Fourth of July

Fourth of July Freebie
32 count Linen
Cindy Mae Designs

I found this cute Fourth of July freebie on Cindy Mae's blog and knew that I had to stitch it up for the Fourth of July. I finished it into a pinkeep and now I have something to display every year on the fourth.

She has started her own store and is having a Grand Opening. Please drop by and check it out.
I wish her success in her designs now and in the future. I am looking forward to many more.

Thank you Cindy.

Guess it is past time for the new moon (The Totally Useless SAL)
but here is the latest pic of my Cat and Fish Bowl

What is the saying? Is it half full or half empty? We now have over 100 members and still growing. If you haven't done so, please join us. You can read all about it on Yoyo's blog. The link is above.

This is my progress on Beatrix Potter. I actually stitched quite a bit on her last month but didn't get started until the last of the month. I hadn't been stitching much on her until I kind of sort of got my eyes straightened out following the surgeries. I can see really well now to do one over one.

I still have that awful rash. It is now on my face. Strangest thing it doesn't bother me or itch but I don't like it. Looks like I have the measles. Spots up under my skin on arms, chest and legs.
The ones on my face are much worse. I have been to Urgent Care and got the steroid and tablets to take. Didn't go away. I went to my Dr. and he prescribed some lotion. Still there.
Went to a Vascular Surgeon to see about my legs and he said it looked like a reaction to antibiotics which is probably correct because of all the eye drops used during my surgery.
He said I might be making it worse by trying to get rid of it so I am doing nothing now. Time will tell I guess.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.


Cindy F. said...

Hey Bonnie!! I can't believe I haven't been to your wonderful blog before!
Congratulations on your beautiful award and thank you so much for sharing it with us! It means a lot to me that you thought of me and I will share it on my next post.
Such a pretty exchange from Kate and your CindyMae pinkeep is adorable!! Beautiful progress on Bea too!
Hope your rash clears up soon!! It does sound like an allergic reaction! Hope your eyes are being very good to you:)

CindyMae said...

Bonnie, Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it!!! Beautiful gift from Kate!! Your TUSAL is looking great! Your BP progress is gorgeous! Beautiful work.

You done a marvelous job on the pin keep!!! I love the way it turned out and your finishing is just gorgeous!!! I will take you up on the offer and use the pics, thank you!! This is my first time to see it stitched up and I must say that it turned out just as I have hoped it would!! And thank you so much for you comments on my store!! That means so very much to me!!!

Cindy Mae!!

Karen said...

Great job on the freebie finishing. Cindy Mae posted your finish on her blog and it is so cute! Happy stitching...

Julie said...

Lovely pin keep, super finishing. Nice JN you received too you are using. BP looks great, i do love the colour.

Thank you thinking of me for the award, but i am one of those boring people who dont like to do this, sorry

Cristina said...

Hi Bonnie, your blog is one of those I regularly visit. Congrats on the Award and thank you for choosing my blog to award

Aury said...

Thanks for the award!! I'll be posting it soon.

I tried your microwave's chocolate cake and now I'm in big problems. It's soo good!!

Joke said...

I really feel honoured and I will pay attention on it in my next blogpost. Thank you!


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