Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lots of Biscornus and My PIF

Happy Thursday everyone! It is a beautiful day here in South Carolina. I finally have a little time to update my blog and get some stitching done. I am planning on working on Beatrix Potter Sampler a little today. I need to show some progress this month. I would like to finish the big flower motif and stitch at least three smaller ones. I haven't decide which direction I will go. Down the side or across the top. (Hmm) I am stitching 1 over 1 on 28 count antique white Jobelan so I really need to work on this early while the lighting will be bright. I have my daylight lamp but it doesn't work as well for me. I bought a stronger magnifying glass for my stand but it needs a hole drilled in it so it can be attached. I have been after my DS to fix it for me for a week. His excuse, I can't find my drill bits. So I purchased new ones. Where are they now and where is my new lens? Lying on the kitchen counter. Grrrr! I have a magnifier that lights up and is on a stand. It sits on the table or wherever. I really like it, but I can not really get it situated (spelling?) .so it is comfortable. I bought it at Home Depot.

I received this beautiful St, Patricks Day Biscornu from Melissa in North Carolina. I was really surprised when I found it in the mail. This was for a swap that ends in March and she mailed it early. I am still stitching on the one for my partner.
It is stitched with sparkly gold threads and pretty shades of green. It has the cutest tiny green buttons in the center. She also sent me a dragonfly scissor fob On the back, she stitched For My Stitching Friend. I am so happy to think they belong to me. Melissa also sent some Saint Patty stickers, some green floss and a card so I can stitch my own design. Thanks so much Melissa.
I will post pictures of the one I am stitching as soon as I finish it. I am really having fun with these swa[s but I just realized that I have no Biscornus in my collection that I stitched for myself. I have a lot of them that I want to stitch so I guess I am going to have to squeeze in some more stitching time somewhere. lol.
This is the Tea Party Biscornu that I received from Joke in the Netherlands. I really love the design and the colors she chose. It is so dainty and petite. Her stitching and finishing are excellent. Thanks so much Joke for stitching this adorable biscornu for me. Also she sent me some delicious smellin tea from the Netherlands and a nice note.
This is the Tea Party Biscornu that I stitched for Amy in Pennsylvania. I haven't heard from her so I hope she has received it. I found the Tea Cup Alphabet Pattern on the internet. I don"t remember exactly and I used TEA Letters to make the design. I stitched it on some 28 count evenweave that I had. The teapots were supposed to be white, but I gave that up. Try to see white on white? My eyes were crossing. LOL. I enjoyed stitching it none the less.

I have won a PIF from Leigh at Dragon My Needle. I am agreeing to do a PIF on my blog. I wanted to get at least three people who agree to comment on my blog and I will stitch something for them in the next 365 days. They need to agree to Pay it Forward by doing the same on their blog. So far I have Barbara's comment. (Thank you, Barbara)I will be stitching something for her. If anyone else is interested, please leave a comment.
And as a last note to Leigh, I am working on my Totally Useless SAL. Can't wait to post my Pics.
Until Nex time



Cindy said...

Great progress on your current stitching project, it is lovely. I just love all of the Biscornu's! They are just lovely!!! Great blog as well!

Marie said...

What lovely biscornus!! Especially the St Patrick's Day. So much nicer to receive in the mail than bills lol I would love to be involved in your PIF

Karen said...

Love the St. Pat's biscornu...such a nice gift to receive. I love the Beatrix Potter sampler...will definite follow your progress on that one. I would love to participate in your PIF! Happy stitching...

Jacinta said...

Great biscornus and I well done so far with your Beatrix Potter sampler.
Jacinta (member of Yahoo biscornu group)

Joke said...

I'm happy you like the biscornu, I liked stitching it for you :-)


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