Friday, January 02, 2009

The second day of the new year is almost gone. I have enjoyed the day although it was a cloudy gloomy day outside. i spent the day going through my stash searching for what to stitch for two different exchanges i am participating in this month. I finally decided on the scissor fob for Tiny Treasures Exchange. I am still debating on the Prairie Schooler Exchange. There are so many choices, I am hoping to get both of them finished up this weekend and then I can concentrate on bigger projects the rest of the month.

This is my progress on Beatrix Potter Sampler after 2 days. It is coming along nicely but slowly as I am stitching over one. I think I am really going to like the lighter color. It was cloudy today and even with ny lamp I can see better with daylight,so didn't get much done. Today was a good day for napping but I resisted the urge, LOL.
Buffy and Abbey slept all day as did my son as he works at night, so I was a loner all day.

When I went to the only LSN within miles to search for fabtic and floss for my Beatrix Potter I actually found Peppermint Lane by Little House Needleworks. I really want to get started on this as soon as I finish up my Exchanges. I also asked about Peppermint Twist by Blue Ribbon Designs. I hate to be negative but, I have sworn more than once not to go back to that shop. Everytime I go , they are sitting knitting and act like they don't want to put it down.
I had asked about LHN's Thread Packs for Sweet Treats. She said that LHN had no thread packs, that you bought the chart and the Crescent Colors separately. She went back in her little office behind a curtain and looked it up on the computer, I could see she brought it up but she said there wasn't any info as where to get them. She came out and went back to her knitting. I asked her about Peppermint Twist and she said if there wasn't a copy in the stack of new patterns, they didn't have it. Didn't bother to help me look or order it for me.
Guess I am going to have to order it on line or wait till I go to Rock Hill.

I also purchased Sweetheart Tree's Blackberry on Gingham Biscornu from Ebay. I have never stitched any of their designs, but I think this is so beautiful. The fabric looks like it won't be too hard to work with, it is the specialty stitches that might be a little difficult to learn.

Well I am off to take a break, don't know if I will pick up any more stitching tonight or not.



Julie said...

Great start on the BP SAL, i've not started mine yet!

Jenna said...

I really have been dying to get that blackberry pattern. I can't wait to see it finished. Also wanted to let you know that the dragonfly biscornu you inquired about is called Dragonfly by Elizabeth's Designs. Here is the link


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